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Breeders of show quality welshcobs that are true to type,

have tremendous bone, action, correct confirmation,

 have the ability to perform and

 kind temprements Breeders of show quality welshcobs that are true to type,

have tremendous bone, action, correct confirmation,

have the ability to perform and

kind temprements

Stud Mares

Abercippyn Molly

born 1996, dark bay stands 14hh

R.I.P 1996- MAY 6TH 2012

A very sad day for us here we had to have our much loved Abercippyn Molly put to sleep, it was a total shock for us and now we are left with her filly foal to rear. In memory of Molly we have renamed her filly from Maggie May to Molly's Gift, we are not longer selling her and hope she will be one of our future mares

Sire: Cippyn Real Magic    

 Dam: Abercippyn Rosemary by Derwen Replica.

Dam of Will Bach & Calzaghe, Myfanwy, Custom Maid, Vincent's Hounour, Mountain Spirit and her very last foal Molly's Gift

We purchased Abercippyn Molly new years day 2003 at the time she were in foal to Brynithon Northern Wind.

Molly produced us some fantastic stock notably Cwmcerrig Will Bach and Calzaghe.

It came as such a great shock that on May the 6th 2012 we had to put Molly to sleep.

Molly was a very quiet and private mare, she never was ill, never coughed or had the vet out. She never had trouble foaling, they were always up and about by the time we ever saw them, she?d show us them and then would keep them to herself till it were weaning time.

It came as a surprise April 20th 2012 when Molly became very anxious that afternoon, I was late mucking out and noticed she was becoming quite restless almost as if she were telling me to ?hurry up?. I looked at her udder and noticed she started waxing ? something I had never seen her do, so I quickly proceeded to make her a large bed. No sooner had I made her bed she started to run milk, I waited quietly outside her stable so not to disturb her; she started to foal. I stayed with her outside watching patiently; she struggled a bit- though this were the first time I?d ever seen her foal so was difficult to say if it were normal for her. Very soon before my eyes lay a rather large bay foal, I creped in the stable to remove the bag from the foals head so it could see and checked the sex- it were a filly to my surprise. Within a few hours of being born we sold the filly and named her Cwmcerrig Maggie May.

Very soon after the birth Molly would let me spend time with her filly, almost push her to me, very odd behavior for her. Molly didn?t really like being in and seemed off her food so after a week or so turned the 2 of them out to fresh grass. Molly would often call and every time I went to the field to see to her she would bring her filly to me.

Sadly on the morning of May 6th when taking Molly?s feed out to her Peter found her in great distress, disorientated and struggling to breath. She was rushed to Cotts Farm Equine Clinic where immediate bloods were taken and a emergency tracheotomy was performed. I stood outside the treatment room with the foal by my side unhaltered, just standing very quietly. We waited outside the treatment room for nearly an hour; it was a very emotional time for us all. Molly?s breathing sounded quite loud I found it very distressing and on several occasions had to leave the building but the filly foal would call at me making it difficult to leave so I had to return and be strong for her. Bloods came for what seemed like an enternity, sadly she?d lost all liver function and she was fighting a severe infection; there was nothing they could do for her, it was best for her to be put to sleep. With Molly?s last breathe her filly foal gave a large sigh, dropped her head and followed us unhaltered back to the lorry. Heartbroken we drove home with the filly; she did not call for her mother at all after that day. Then, the greatest challenge of all had begun, we had to hand rear her. Peter had, had pet lambs on the farm but certainly not a foal. We tried a bottle that night but she refused it, she was more interested in a feed bucket. We tried adding the milk to some feed and as luck would have it she gobbled it down. Soon we then just put the milk in the bucket and she would drink from it straight away. The hardest part for me was phoning the lady that had paid the deposit on the foal, there was no way I could let her go now, but as it happened Maesyrafon Isobel had foaled the morning Molly was put to sleep and also had a beautiful bay filly. I explained the situation to the lady; she was more than happy to have the other filly which we named Cwmcerrig Isobella. 2 weeks followed of feeding every 4 hours and even through the night- it was so exhausting, but she was so strong we just had to keep going.

After the first few days of hand rearing both Peter and I decided to change the filly?s name from Maggie May to Molly?s Gift in honor of her dam.

Weeks turned into months and Molly?s Gift grew from strength to strength, she?d befriended her half sister Super-Star- a yearling filly which meant we could turn them both out together. It was so lovely to see her out and being a ?horse?. As the months went by we decided to enter Molly to a show. She debuted in the ring August 3rd at Gower Show where she was placed 2nd . We were over the moon with her, she?d traveled to the show that day in the trailer with her 5 year old full brother- an entire Will Bach. This caused quite amusement amongst friends seeing a big cob stallion in the trailer with a foal but both was so well-behaved.

This year we were invited to do a stud display at Aberaeron Festival of ponies and cobs, due to the death of Abercippyn Molly we thought it appropriate to bring Molly?s Gift as her representative of our much loved foundation mare. She really did us proud that day it was very emotional for both of us. We were lucky enough to have 2 of her sons at the display Calzaghe and Will Bach and her granddaughter Welsh Lady a daughter of Will Bach.

Abercippyn Molly has really left us some fantastic stock. Calzaghe was Supreme Champion at this years Barley Saturday sired by Crugybar Carlo Morganna Mai, Calzaghe has since been sold and is now broken to ride. We have her son Will Bach who has been a consistent 1st prize winner in hand and successful under saddle. Molly?s Gift is now retained as a future brood/show mare for us and we look forward in watching her mature into a beautiful filly. We lost something great when Molly died but we are left with something greater with Molly?s? Gift and for that we are truly thankful.

Cwmcerrig Molly's Gift

Born 2012
Brynithon Northern Wind x Abercippyn Molly - Handreared from 16 days old 
Shown successfully  in 2017 1st St. Clears, 8th Royal Welsh & 3rd Pontardulais only times shown believed safely in foal for 2018 Molly sadly aborted her foal this time but she will be visiting a outside stallion shortly

Ynysgerwyn Rhosyn Victoria

Born 1998
Ebbw Victor x Arelen Midnight Star by Cathedine Express
Stands a little over 15hh
She was one of Lynne Woodyatt's top breeding mares, she then went on to be leased to Andrew Thomas Caederwen Stud before arriving  with us.
She is the dam of C.Flying Rocket, Welsh King & the 2017 filly C.Rosalita and 2018 filly C.Vanity Fair

Ynysgerywn Vanity

Born 1999
Full sister to Rhosyn Victoria
Kindly on lease from Jo Grout Wexland stud where she has been here since May 2011
Dam of C.Matador, Victorious, Flying King, Ziggy Stardust and the 2017 colt Magic. Safely in foal to Brynithon Northern Wind for 2018

On the 17th April 2018 i was probably confronted with the hardest decision i've ever had to make to let this beautiful mare go. She'd been with us 7 years and had certainly become part of the furniture, such a honest kind mare who, if ver needed our help would always ask for it. She produced us some beautiful bay colts and every year would joke with her owner Jo is it going to be a filly but no always a big bay colt. I have to give a huge than you to Jo Grout for leasing us Vanity and entrusting us with her care, I feel we cared for her like one of our own maybe even fussed  more. Thankfully her legacy can live on here with her beautiful and only entire son Cwmcerrig Magic. Thank you again Jo and thank you V may you rest in peace here in our Sodom Soil xx Sleep tight beautiful xxx

Brynithon Last Lady

Born 2013
Penlangrug Diplomat x Brynithon Princess Royal (Northern Wind's full sister)
Purchased as a 3 year old from Brynithon in foal to Thorneyside Flyers Magic  which produced the filly Cwmcerrig Magic Lady, and 2018 filly C.Foxy Lady by Brynithon Northern Wind 

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